I will open by stating I have always loved tools and tinkering.

In 2014 I bought some poorly machined motorcycle parts, unfortunately they didn't fit and needed modification.


Passion for perfection and and quality were the catalyst for what became Beaver CNC (home of the HDZ, Beaver Pro and HDZero) and how I came to work for Carbide 3D as Director of Product Development. ​

In 2019 Bonra ltd dissolved it's D2C sales and business and setup as a UK Limited Company. If you are looking for a HDZ or anything Carbide3D related www.carbide3d.com is the place to go. 


Bonra Ltd is operated by Luke & Hannah D'Lonra-Bonathan and remains as a outlet for our blog consultancy business. 

R&D Consultancy Services

We have a wealth of design experience behind us, you might have a concept and want it turned into reality or a existing design which needs to be refined for production.

We have designed many things including:


  • Automotive parts

  • Latching and locking systems

  • Machined components

  • Turned parts

  • Motion systems

  • Injection moulded parts

  • CNC machines 

Our design ethos is one of functional simplicity, with a believe in Ockham's razor theory when it comes to problem solving. 


Machining and Turning

As most of our work is closely linked to manufacturing we're pleased to be able to offer a full machining and turning services. This operates independently from our design service, whether you need a couple of sample units or need 10,000 for mass production we're able to scale up and down to meet demand.

We are able to work with most ferrous and non ferrous metals, and composites. 

We can apply various surface finishes from anodising to powder coat. 

Below are some of the projects we have been pleased to work on.